Crafty Counter Announces Two New Wundernuggets Flavors, New Packaging

AUSTIN, Texas— Meet the new protein and vegetables packed crouton, Wundernuggets.

Hema Reddy started Crafty Counter to bring innovation to family favorites in a nutritionally rich, flavor forward, convenient format for flexitarian families with kids. However, their consumers told a different story. They quickly saw adults responding to their products just as much, if not more, than kids.

The team at Crafty Counter was pleasantly surprised to see health conscious mindful consumers, and influencers alike, incorporating Wundernuggets as a topping on their salads, and as a breakfast protein to fuel their day. This made Hema Reddy, founder & CEO of the company, think and go back to the drawing board. After careful consideration, and in response to their audience, she decided to do something fun and creative – a value proposition like none other. While shopping for a veggie and protein packed “Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets” for their kids, a family can pick up a (grain-free and spicy) “Paprika Chicken Wundernuggets” bag for themselves. Now, that is a way to bring incremental sales to a shelf, and make a family very happy, isn’t it?

This creative food startup already has kids excited and asking for “Wundernuggets” instead of chicken nuggets, since their launch in a handful of stores in August 2018. They are adding about a 1000 new doors this fall, and preparing to ramp up their production.

At the Natural Products Expo West this year, Crafty Counter is announcing the launch of another grain-free SKU, called Turmeric Lentil, seasoned with turmeric, black pepper and Ayurvedic spices like garam masala, for consumers looking for soy-free, vegan and plant based foods, in addition to their existing vegan offering, Minty Lentil Wundernuggets.

Their message to consumers remains, “You can have it all, taste and nutrition and convenience,” as increasingly, snacking is becoming the new mealtime and demand food on the go, continues to rise.

The new updated lineup of Wundernuggets also boasts a revamped formulation, free of all top eight allergens. In new vibrant colors, their design refresh sports superhero rays to communicate that, when in a pinch, Wundernuggets can save the day.

Crafty Counter invites attendees to stop by Booth #H415, March 6-8, to experience their unique products at the Anaheim Convention Center.

About Crafty Counter

Crafty Counter is on a mission to innovate in foods that are family favorites and make them nutritionally rich with a strong emphasis on taste and texture. They are keenly focused on catering to flexitarians, that make up 28 percent of U.S. population, where consumers want to include more plant based foods and vegetables in their meals, but not quite ready to give up eating poultry or animal proteins yet. With easy to prepare foods like Wundernuggets, they bring taste, plus, nutrition, plus convenience, all in one serving! Crafty Counter products are free of all top 8 allergens, preservatives or artificial ingredients and incorporate unique global fusion flavors. Wundernuggets are sold through natural, specialty retailers and continually growing their distribution. For more information, please visit www.craftycounter.com, or email hello@craftycounter.com. Their social streams can be found at @mycraftycounter.