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Suji’s Korean Cuisine to Debut New Products at The Fancy Food Show

OMAHA, Neb. — Suji’s Korean Cuisine, located at Booth 3703 at this year’s Fancy Food Show, will introduce attendees to the premium brand’s line of retail-ready, made-in-America delicious Korean dishes. New this year are Korean Bulgogi Patties, a blend of meat and traditional Korean spices, cooked to perfection, then frozen, for fast, easy meal preparation – just what consumers want. The patties are available in three varieties: Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Bulgogi and Spicy Pork Bulgogi.  The full-color packages are re-sealable for select-a-portion ease.

Debuting at the show is Suji’s Korean Cuisine’s Korean Style Bento Boxes in four varieties: Beef Bulgogi Bento with Rice; Kimchi Rice Bento with Bacon; and Chicken Bulgogi Bento with Vegetables and Rice. Suji’s is also offering a new vegetarian Korean Bento, Japchae with Sugar Snap Peas and Red Bell Peppers. Each Bento features thinly sliced meat that has been prepared in true Korean barbecue tradition – marinated and grilled over a hot flame.

In addition to the patties and Bentos, Suji’s is introducing a one-pound package of Kalbi, those internationally famous Korean short ribs. These one-pound portions offer a smaller package to complement the two-pound club packs introduced last year. Suji’s Kalbi is Korean barbecue at its best. Unlike American short ribs, Suji’s follows Korean tradition, cutting across the rib bones. They are then pre-marinated in a rich sauce that reflects the nuanced flavors that have made Korean barbecue loved throughout the world.  Consumers will enjoy the ease of preparing the authentic Korean dish in minutes by simply grilling or cooking in a hot skillet.

Suji Park, the founder and Chief Inspirational Officer, will be at the booth to discuss the new products and share her love of her native cuisine, while chefs from Korea will prepare her signature grilled kalbi and bulgogi patties for sampling.

About Suji’s Korean Cuisine

Suji’s Korean Cuisine is line of premium products that are all-natural, Made-in-America, preservative-free, contain no added MSG, and are made from time-honored recipes with simple ingredients. Through the use of high-quality meats and fresh vegetables, they offer consumers an easy and delicious way to enjoy Korean food in the comfort of their own home. Suji’ Korean Cuisine provides a complete line of retail-ready products with eye-catching packaging sure to attract consumers. They also come in a variety of true-to-culture flavors that make it easy to carry the entire line-up or rotate seasonally.

“I’m proud that our products give today’s consumers what they most want in food – authentic, really delicious flavors, made with no preservatives,” said Park. “Every one of our products are clean label with ingredients you can pronounce. They’re also easy to prepare, which is perfect for how people cook today.”

In addition to giving consumers what they want, Suji’s Korean Cuisine also is poised to provide customers what they need – a fast turn-around on orders for any of their retail products with fulfillment in 21 days.

The Suji’s Family of Products

Suji’s Korean Cuisine captures the nuances of traditional Korean cooking while serving up dishes that have broad appeal to the western palate. The high-quality meat is sliced thin, to absorb a rich marinade made of Asian pear, rice wine vinegar, garlic and soy sauce, all in keeping with age-old Korean recipes.

According to Park, the secret to real Korean food is not in excessive heat; it is in the layers of flavor, with a light spiciness or a rich, savory quality.

“Our premium products feature only the highest quality meats and poultry, such as the best USDA beef seared on an open fire in the tradition of real Korean BBQ,” Park said. “When we make our bulgogi, the meat is taken directly from the grill and lightly coated with a sauce we’ve perfected with the same ingredients that have been used in Korean cooking for centuries.”

Retail-ready products being featured at the booth during the Expo are:

  • Korean Beef Short Ribs (frozen)
    1lb. (Retail) & 2lb. (Club Size)
  • Three Varieties of Bulgogi (frozen):
    5lb. (Foodservice) & 12oz (Consumer)

    • Savory Beef
    • Spicy Pork
    • Savory Chicken
  • Korean Style Bento Boxes (frozen)                                         
    9 ounces

    • Beef Bulgogi Bento with Rice
    • Kimchi Rice Bento with Bacon
    • Chicken Bulgogi Bento with Vegetables and Rice
    • Japchae with Sugar Snap Peas and Red Bell Peppers
  • Korean Bulgogi Patties
    3 – 4-ounce patties in a pouch

    • Beef Bulgogi
    • Chicken Bulgogi
    • Spicy Pork Bulgogi.

Suji’s Korean Cuisine is available in major warehouse club and food retail channels nationwide.

Company Information

Suji’s Korean Cuisine brings delicious, authentic Korean flavors to the home chef in easy to prepare and personalize “clean label” refrigerated and frozen meals that instantly add a true-to-the-culture taste to foods. The company was founded in 2013 by international entrepreneur Suji Park, known for bringing America’s New York-style deli to Korea and Tokyo.  Suji’s Korean Cuisine is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

The company also operates Suji’s Korean Grill in Omaha, the first restaurant in the company’s upscale Korean restaurant chain.

To learn more about Suji’s Korean Cuisine, visit us at

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