Sugar Bowl Bakery Announces Launch of 3 New Fritter Flavors

NEW YORK– Sugar Bowl Bakery, the family-owned bakery based in Hayward, Calif., famous for its Madeleines, bite sized brownies and 600-layer buttery Petite Palmiers, announces the launch of three new fritter flavors—blueberry, cherry and peach.

Just like the Apple Fritters Sugar Bowl Bakery released in January 2017, the three new flavors are a delicious combination of real fruit, raised donut dough and a hint of fresh ground cinnamon all topped off with a light sugary glaze. These fluffy fried dough and fresh fruit desserts can be eaten as-is or heated up; the fritters make a great breakfast or pairing with your coffee and tea.

“With the launch of the peach, cherry and blueberry fritters, we are now bringing our customers the flavors of every season–apple for fall, blueberry for winter, cherry for spring and peach for summer,” said Andrew Ly, CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery. “After the immediate success that we saw with our Apple Fritters, we’re excited to bring these new flavors into retailers so that everyone—no matter their favorite fruit—can experience the delight of biting into a Sugar Bowl Bakery Fritter.”

Sugar Bowl Bakery will be debuting the new Fritter flavors at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco from Jan. 13-15 and will be available for meetings and taste tests at Booth #5657. For more information on the Sugar Bowl Bakery brand, its products, or retail locations carrying the desserts near you, visit

About Sugar Bowl Bakery

In 1984, five immigrant brothers pooled their savings together to open the first Sugar Bowl Bakery, a small neighborhood coffee shop in San Francisco. Sugar Bowl Bakery has since become a leader in developing quality baked goods and is now one of the largest bakeries that is family/minority owned and operated in Northern California.

The award-winning bakery’s lines of high-quality baked goods are sold at various supermarket chains and warehouse clubs.