What Our Attendees Are Saying About NOSH Live


"There's always been at least one connection every single time that has helped us progress our business forward."

- GWEN BURLINGAME | Co-founder, Beckon

"It's a fantastic way to get out of the box, to lift my head up, to be around other people who I'm totally inspired by."

- CHRISTY GOLDSBY | Founder & CEO, Honey Mama's



"You're able to spend time with mentors, investors and even friend brands. And I think that's a blessing of being in this industry is the community and NOSH really exemplifies that."

- BEN FROHLICHSTEIN | Co-CEO & Founder, Cappello's

"It's an intimate environment where you can get stuff done and make those connections that will lead to the big break, the big opportunity as a young brand."

- MATT WEISS | Founder, RIND Snacks



"You let your hair down and listen to some really inspiring people speak throughout the day."

- SUSAN CHEN | Co-Founder & CEO, Soozy's

"I think [NOSH Live] is a very special group, put on by NOSH, that brings the best minds together to learn from each other."

- JON SEBASTIANI | Founder & CEO, Sonoma Brands



"Real meaningful conversations -- NOSH is the place to be for that. It's something we can't quite get at other shows because we're so busy manning a booth."

- MICHAEL PAN | Founder, Pan's Mushroom Jerky