Vital Leaf: CBD Capsules | RELIEF | Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract | CBD 750mg


Vital Leaf CBD Capsules are made using CO2 extracted water-soluble full-spectrum hemp extract. Formulated to be bioavailable, ensuring high-potency delivery to the human Endocannabinoid System. Our capsules provide a convenient, discreet, and predictable dosing method. WATER-SOLUBLE The technology used to create this formulation is called micellization or biocellular micellization. When full-spectrum hemp extract is micellized, the CBD, other accompanying cannabinoids, and naturally occurring nutrients become water-soluble and better absorbed into the bloodstream. Micellization improved absorption rate up to 3-5 times compared to conventional or standard products. 30 Capsules | 25mg CBD per Capsule | 750mg Total Made with organic ingredients


CO2-extracted CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp extract, food-starch modified, organic acacia fiber, xanthan gum


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CBD Capsules | RELIEF | Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract | CBD 750mg