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Forager’s mission is to make local food more widely available for everyone by simplifying how wholesalers source locally. We digitally streamline the entire B2B local sourcing process - from procurement to payment. Forager’s mission is to accelerate the growth of the local food economy and make locally sourced food more widely available to all. Our groundbreaking digital procurement-to-payment platform is making it simpler, cheaper, and faster for grocers, co-ops, wholesalers, foodservice buyers, farmers, artisans, and producers to meet consumers’ growing demand for locally produced foods. Did you know that the locally sourced food market in the U.S. reached $14 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2019. Forty percent of consumers now purchase local food on a weekly basis, and 90 percent of consumers are looking specifically for fresh food at their grocery store. But, despite the explosive growth of this market, local food is only about three percent of what we eat today. That’s where Forager comes in. We want to fundamentally change how wholesalers buy local food and enable them to meet the consumer demand for local food. We digitally streamline the manual and time-consuming process of sourcing local food through our mobile platform. We’re helping grocers save up to 60 hours a week - and that’s just the start! Buyers are saving hundreds of checks with our e-payments and seeing reduction of errors, without having to deal with paper invoices. Farmers are witnessing increased sales, improving their efficiency, and getting paid faster. By giving buyers and farmers that time and money back, they can focus on what they love most: growing and sharing local food. We’re based in Maine, a leader in the local food movement with an $800 million agriculture and aquaculture economy. With our growing network of wholesale buyers and local farmers, we are changing the way we source our food.

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